Liquid Oxygen and Nitrogen Production Plant/Liquid Oxygen Generator

Short Description:

Air Separation Unit refers to equipment which obtain oxygen, nitrogen and argon from liquid air at low temperature by difference of each component boiling point.

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Product Advantages

We are known for our superb engineering expertise in fabricating liquid oxygen plants which are based on cryogenic distillation technology. Our precision designing makes our industrial gas systems reliable and efficient resulting in low operational costs. Being manufactured with high quality materials and components, our liquid oxygen plants lasts for a very long time requiring minimum maintenance. For our compliance with strict quality control measures, we have been awarded with acclaimed certifications like ISO 9001,ISO13485 and CE.

Application Fields

Oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other rare gas produced by air separation unit are widely used in steel, chemical

industry,refinery,glass, rubber, electronics, healthcare, food, metals, power generation and other industries.

Product Specification

1.Air Separation Unit with normal temperature molecular sieves purification, booster-turbo expander, low-pressure rectification column, and argon extraction system according to client’s requirement.

2.According to the product requirement, external compression,internal compression (air boost,nitrogen boost),self- pressurization and other processes can be offered.

3.Blocking structure design of ASU, quick installation on site.

4.Extra low pressure process of ASU which reduce air compressor exhaust pressure and operation cost.

5.Advanced argon extraction process and higher argon extraction rate.

Process flow

Process flow

Air Compressor : Air is compressed at a low pressure of 5-7 bar (0.5-0.7mpa). It is done by using the latest compressors (Screw/Centrifugal Type).

Pre Cooling System : The second stage of the process involves use of a refrigerant for pre-cooling the processed air to temperature around 12 deg C before it enters the purifier.

Purification of Air By Purifier : The air enters a purifier, which is made up of twin molecular Sieve driers that function alternatively. The Molecular Sieve separates the carbon dioxide & moisture from the process air before the air reaches at air separation Unit.

Cryogenic Cooling of Air By Expander : The air must be cooled to sub zero temperatures for liquefaction. The cryogenic refrigeration and cooling is provided by a highly efficient turbo expander, which cools the air to temperature below -165 to-170 deg C.

Separation of Liquid Air into Oxygen and Nitrogen by Air Separation Column : The air that enters the low pressure plate fin type heat exchanger is moisture free, oil free and carbon dioxide free. It is cooled inside the heat exchanger below sub zero temperatures by air expansion process in the expander. It is expected that we achieve a difference delta as low as 2 degree Celsius at the warm end of exchangers. Air gets liquefied when it reaches at the air separation column and is separated into oxygen and nitrogen by the process of rectification.

Liquid Oxygen is Stored in a Liquid Storage Tank : Liquid oxygen is filled in a liquid storage tank that is connected to the liquefier forming an automatic system. A hose pipe is used for taking out liquid oxygen from the tank.

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