Application of PSA oxygen generator in waste water oxygen-enriched purification and treatment system

The pollution of water resources and water environment and the modern water treatment technology are the research topics that people pay more and more attention to.In this paper, the generation and mass transfer of micro bubbles are studied and analyzed based on the purification technology of oxygen-rich waste water and the formation principle of micro bubbles. The results show that the jet aerator is a kind of efficient oxygen-filling device.Study on jet aerator assumption and simplify the operation process, a one-dimensional mathematical model is established, in the best performance envelope experience equation method, on the basis of using a new design method, with the optimization target of bubble size jet aerator is optimized design, the new method of using the continuity equation, momentum equation and energy equation, through iterative method to calculate the structural parameters of the jet aerator.The results show that the new method is more accurate than the structural parameters designed by the empirical equation.A set of oxygen-rich sewage purification system can be constructed by using the jet aerator combined with the molecular sieve oxygen production equipment and the high-efficiency slit-jet mixer, which has the characteristics of completely independent aeration and convenient and quick oxygenation, and can not only be used for centralized sewage treatment, but also for water quality maintenance and water restoration in environmental waters.At the same time, the feasibility and practicability of the oxygen-rich sewage purification system were verified by theoretical analysis.In Shanghai, China, the equipment has been used to treat sewage with success.To prove the feasibility of this theory

Post time:Mar-29-2021

Post time: 03-29-2021
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